Time on my Hands: Valentino Timeless Collection

One of the biggest indulgences in my family has to be watches. Every single person from my dad to my brother, is obsessed with watches! I lost my Cartier watch in Dubai almost 2 years ago and have never really recovered from that trauma (seriously I was in a depression for days!) and ever since I’ve been slowly coming to terms with the loss and what better way than shopping for a replacement!

I’ve made a vow to myself that I will replace that Cartier on my 30th birthday and with a few years yet to go until that happens, I refuse to go bare-wristed when it comes to the watch department, so I am always on the look out for new time pieces to add to my collection.

The Valentino Timeless Collection offers some MAJOR wrist candy! With three distinct designs I’m having a really hard time choosing a favourite.

The ‘Rosier‘ collection offers an unexpected yet stunning re-interpretation of the rose, Maison Valentino’s iconic flower, reproduced with a graphic silhouette on ajouré steel, inlaid just like lace and fretworked with sinuous lines. A subtle glamorous case with bright polished top ring in curved crystal sapphire is delicately placed wrapped among petals in its decentralized position. This refined watch shape appears to be suspended from the central lugs of the fine lizard leather strap, also available in various colours to match the dial.

I have never considered a red strap watch until now!

Lace, is one of the most important themes in fashion at the moment. Chantilly, macramé or Point d’esprit, the lace in tailored bon ton clothes and in the most chic, romantic, feminine accessories is transformed in a high-tech texture. The “Lace” collection made of rubber with a raised outline covers the steel of the bezel and the whole bracelet, decorating individual links with patterns which are different every time. The floral pattern is also printed on the dial, embellished by four diamond indexes, while the case is made of steel, either blackened with IP treatment or gold-plated. The colour palette includes white, black and nude: the colours that dominate the catwalks this season.

Lace on my wrist? Yes please!!

An authentic jewel watch, the “Eden” collection comes with various gemstones set on the top ring. The selection of precious gemstones is “Very Valentino”: white agate, pink coral, onyx, coral or turquoise stones are handcrafted, faceted, polished and assembled back to back on the bezel. All enhanced with steel Clou de Paris decorated or diamond illuminated indexes. More precious versions are set with additional diamonds on bezel and dial and stones on bracelet. The look is completed with an elegant strap in calf or crocodile leather and a more casual alternative is available with a steel bracelet.

I’ll take one of each please!!

The Valentino Timeless collection is available at all Valentino boutiques and in Paris Gallery at Dubai Mall.


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