Designer Spotlight: Razan Alazzouni

When I can’t sleep I end up spending hours upon hours online looking at various designer websites and reading about all the latest trends in the world of fashion. It was in one of these invariable bouts of insomnia that I stumbled across designer, Razan Alazzouni. Saudi-born Razan, studied in Boston and applied her formal education in sculpture to her eponymous clothing line which is not only creative and original,but sculptural as well.

Razan’s clothing is all about exuding the femininity, delicacy and grace of the female form. She derives most of her inspiration from women themselves and their natural poise. Each piece in her collection is intended to show off its wearer in an elegant light, while maintaining a sense of playfulness as well. The use of soft luxurious textures is dominant and allows for movement in the clothes, which adds a whimsical quality to the collection. The combination of chiffon and silk lends to the idea of women as soft, ethereal beings, which only enhances their femininity.

Describing her current collection as whimsical, dreamy and feminine, this is the ultimate girly collection!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Razan’s collection is available in Jeddah at Cream and Tifa Boutique and also in Bahrain at Sufana at Moda Mall.

Orders can also be made online through Razan’s website.


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