Beach Cover Ups from Reina Style

Let me tell you a story that will leave most of you Dubai residents with your jaw on the floor. A couple of years back I was on the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence with my friend Haneen who was visiting from London. As I’m such a beach bunny this isn’t surprising as you will find me walking on JBR most days with my iPod on. Any who, we were there with some friends and I got into an argument with one of guys we were with and in a fit of rage, I stormed off and got into my car, Haneen in tow, and drove off.

Nothing shocking so far right? Well it was only when I got onto Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main highway in Dubai, did Haneen point out that I was driving in my bikini! In my moment of rage, I’d run off the beach without covering up and left my belongings behind! Major *Face Palm* moment! Trust me, my anger at the argument soon disappeared as we laughed hysterically at the predicament I found myself in. Thank God I had a spare towel in the car to cover up my modesty and protect me from getting arrested!

We still laugh about my hot-headedness in that moment today. But to save myself from ever getting myself into a jam like that again, I always carry a few beach cover ups in my car whenever I head to the beach and I am always on the look out for cute new pieces to add to my collection. So the new collection from Reina Style is perfect! A blogged about Reina Style’s amazing swimwear line a few months ago and they have recently added to gorgeous cover ups to their collection. Perfect transition pieces to take you from beach to poolside bar in style. Or just to avoid you getting pulled over by the police in my case!

Reina Style pieces are available at O-Concept in Jumeirah, Dubai and online at Aura-B.


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