My Music Video Debut

So last night I made a discovery. One of my best friends, Goldie and I were sitting enjoying a shisha and got into a discussion about how we knew a mutual friend called Legha. To cut a long story, Legha is one of the most beautiful girls I know and a super-talented singer too. Back when I was in university, Legha along with two other girls was in a girl group called Rouge and their first video shoot was in London. Myself, my brother Sam, cousin Ali and a bunch of friends were all asked to be part of the video and it turned out to be a hysterically funny day of shooting and shenanigans.

Fast forward six years (how time flies!?) and Goldie last night mentioned that she met Legha at the very same video shoot. Queue some choking on my shisha – how is it that one of my best friends now was in the same video and I didn’t even know about it? Not only that, my friends Sadaf and Yasmin are also in the video and I had no idea! It just proves that my BFF Omar and I were fighting over candy in the corner of the room for most of the shoot to actually notice much of what was going on!

I know I’m digging up a million and one memories for a lot of people with this video and I’m going to get a tonne of messages to bury it in an archive for no one to see, but the evidence is on YouTube people – no escaping it now!

To be honest you can only spot me in this for a split second, but Goldie and Yasmin, you are well and truly outed!!

Great day. Great memories. Need to have a reunion soon!


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