Happy Birthday Ramin

It is one of my most favourite people in the world’s birthdays today, so this special Candy & Couture post is dedicated the man who introduced me to the most exquisite tailoring that comes from Tom Ford, Ramin Maher. It was after seeing Ramin in a Tom Ford suit that I decided that every single man needed one of his suits in his closet.

It’s a super long story how Ramin and I met, but let’s just say it’s something neither of us will forget and still laugh about today. Everyone needs a Ramin in their life though. Not only can I discuss fashion with him as he has the most impeccable taste in clothing, he sends me cinnabon when I feel down. If that isn’t amazing, add the fact that when I call him at 3.30am in Dubai and demand he comes for shisha with me and James Young (Mr.Caramel), he will oblige. Okay he’ll sit there the entire time laughing at the fact that I have blisters on my feet from a little too much dancing in my Louboutins in People by Crystal and am now walking like a duck, but he’ll still come! He’ll even put up with me chasing him half way down Sheikh Zayed Road trying to hit him and then take me to lunch the following day, at Caramel obviously, just to laugh at me some more!

The kind of guy friend that every girl needs and as one of my favourite PR clients too, Ramin is someone I am proud to call a friend. Happy Birthday my old fruity – knobby loves you!


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