The Girls Love #411

Yesterday I was going through a tonne of pictures and came across a batch from Armani Prive in Dubai. Saturday nights are the #411 nights held at the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. Hosted by The Real Flava, this is where Dubai’s hottest DJ’s, DJ Bliss and Mr Shef Codes spin the best R’n’B music in town. Yeah we may all have work the next day (Sunday is a working day in Dubai) and we will all most probably be zombies at work, but it is the one night that we cannot miss!

Pictures from Mr.Caramel aka James Young’s birthday at Armani Prive.

If you are ever in Dubai, make sure you check this night out. As a true 411 girl, with a flight to catch at 8am back in May, I still managed to party my ass off, although I suffered for my sins the entire flight back to London! But I would totally do it all over again!

And to my friend Yasmin, I’m sorry I drag you out every Saturday night when I’m in Dubai knowing you have to drive to Abu Dhabi at 7am the next day for work. You know I love you!

Bisous xoxo


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