McQueen? No I got this at Debenhams!

I remember the day of the Royal Wedding well. I was in Dubai at my best friend’s house following what was another EPIC night out when I jumped out of bed and raced to the living room to put on Dubai One to watch what millions around the world had been waiting for: the big reveal of Kate Middleton’s dress. So when she finally stepped out of the car in that stunning Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress, Somaiah and I gasped in synchronicity. Simply stunning! As I grabbed a cup of tea, Somaiah looked up at me and said “Her sister’s dress is nice” and I had to agree. In fact, the site of Pippa Middleton and her now famous derrière caused Twitter to crash as people around the globe tweeted insanely as she walked behind her sister into Westminster Abbey.

It was the bridesmaid’s dress that launched a star and ever since the Royal Wedding, the spotlight on Pippa, or P.Middy as the press call her (I swear I hate the name!) has gone into overdrive. Brides, and more so bridesmaids have been lusting after the dress, but at £20,000, you could pay for an entire wedding just for the cost of that dress!

In response to the demand, department store Debenhams has released its own collection in homage to the royal wedding, and to Pippa in particular.

The limited bridesmaid dress is a snip at just £170. They also have a £99 version of the emerald-green Alice Temperley evening gown that Pippa wore to the evening reception at Buckingham Palace!

The collection also includes dresses similar to the ones worn by the flower girls as well as a short black lace cocktail-length dress, similar to Kate’s!

Head down to Debenhams to snap up the dress. Remember the collection is limited and considering how crazy people are over this dress, it won’t be around for long!

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