Miss Candy & Cookie

This special post is dedicated to my fellow blogger and possibly one of the most fabulously fashionable people who I know in the world, Teresa Karpinska – otherwise known as Candy and Cookie!

After many a confusing mix-up with our very similar blog names, we’ve decided to help clear up the confusion. You see we may both have a crush on the same DJ and love nothing more than enjoying a spot of Afternoon tea, but I could never rock a pair of Converse trainers as effortlessly as this chica. I actually don’t even own a pair of trainers!

I’m the girl who comes from London and Teresa comes from Sweden – we just both happen to love getting lost in the desert of Dubai! We share a sense of humour that often involves us enquiring on whether the other is well stocked for meat and can usually be found frequenting the same hangouts in Dubai, if we ever stop living out of a suitcase for more than 5 minutes to stay put somewhere!

Teresa and I both started our blogs independently and happened to meet over the virtual world of Twitter before meeting in Dubai. Our blog names just happened to be very similar – I say its our exceedingly good taste and love for the naughty stuff. So come over to the dark side: Teresa has the cookies and I’m the one with the handbag full of sweeties! Simples!

Hopefully that clears up the confusion, so make sure you read Teresa’s blog and her latest feature for Read Magazine. I *heart* this girl!

Bisous xoxo


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