M-Missoni Horoscope Totes

Ever been stuck for a gift idea? Well here’s a quirky idea that is perfect for every one. M Missoni have created a personalized bag without getting too personal. Their line of twelve horoscope-themed bags are a great gift idea for when you are stuck!

With painterly graphics and old typewriter-style lettering, each bag, in every color of the rainbow, exudes capricious ease. From sunny yellow for energetic Sagittarius to bold magenta for fiery Aries to pale pink for sensitive Cancer. If Missoni has really done their research, your sign and favourite color should coordinate, as well! I’m a Pisces and the blue is perfect for me! And at only $29 on ShopBop, you won’t be breaking the bank!

The canvas tote features a horoscope graphic at the front and a logo graphic at the back and double handles – perfect for shopping and would be great for the beach as well.


2 thoughts on “M-Missoni Horoscope Totes

    • Honestly, when I came across the bags I was so surprised by the price, that I just had to dedicate a blog post to them! I great little idea – perfect for taking home fashion magazines 🙂

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