Exclusive Interview: Gelareh Monajemi

There are some people who I am absolutely blessed to know in my life and one of these super special people is the uber-talented Gelareh  Monajemi.

You may recognise Gelareh from the Dubai-edition of Paris Hilton’s reality TV show ” My BFF“. Gelareh was chosen to take part in the show from hundreds of hopefuls and reached the finals of the show.

Born on April 16th 1984 in Rome, Italy, Gelareh’s parents are Iranian. A lot of people have asked why the show calls her Italian – it’s because she was born there.

After 7 years, Gelareh moved with her family to Canada and at the age of 8, she enrolled in the Royal Conservatory of Music. This clever little bee is classically trained in the piano!

She then went on to become a Police Officer! I kid you not. Miss Monajemi is a fully qualified police officer in Ottawa, Canada.

Having moved to Dubai in 2005, Gelareh went on to study Psychology and Marketing at Middlesex University and it was during this time that her and I met and became good friends after a chance introduction through a mutual friend.

Stunningly beautiful, Gelareh has worked on various musical projects and is currently collaborating with Iranian rap star Hossein Tohi. She has also starred in Khaleeji music videos including one with Alwasmi. Now you will find her on most days teaching children in Dubai! So cute!

Gelareh parties with Paris Hilton at the anniversary of the restaurant earlier this year.

I got to ask Gelareh a few questions about life in Dubai and her time on the show and here’s what she had to say:

What is the best/worst part of living in Dubai?

Dubai is a city with so much character. Normally when you visit a city you’re wowed by its architecture and landmarks I feel Dubai offers so much more than that. It’s so ethnically diverse that you almost feel like every day you’re learning something new. The worst part about living here is that my family is so far.

What was the best/worst part of being on Paris’ BFF show?

I would say the best part of being on the show other than getting to know Paris, would be meeting the rest of the girls. Most of them are like family now.

Describe yourself in your five words.

Five words wouldn’t do me justice!

Who is your favourite designer?

  Yves Saint Laurent

What is your biggest indulgence?

Gastronomy. I ‘heart’ food.

Whatever this girl does, I know she’s going to be a HUGE success. Lots of love Gela-Bela. You rock! xoxox


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Gelareh Monajemi

  1. hey there thnx for the information about gelareh i really love her but do you know if she is muslim or christian thnx luvie xx

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