PUMA Social

I’m really not a ‘sports’ girl, but one initiative that I absolutely love is PUMA Social. PUMA Social honors the after-hours athlete; the master of late-night games by championing any ‘sport’ that can be played with a drink in hand – foosball, pool, darts, bowling – and more. Does 5 hours dancing on a table with a drink in my hand count?

Now here’s the part I love. As a part of the initiative for PUMA Social, PUMA is hunting out late-night sport stars to be part of the UAE PUMA Social National Team, where after hours sport champs can log onto the PUMA Facebook page and upload video’s of their best tricks – and the winner gets to be the face of PUMA Social in the UAE receiving fame, fortune, travel, trophies and a lot of fun along the way.
On June 23rd PUMA Social Club will launch in Dubai! Set on creating a space where late-night champs can get together over some friendly competition, DJ’s including Charl Chaka, Da:Funct and DJ Solo will be heating up the decks for guest international DJ that will be unveiled only to those attending – and of course late night sports.
This launch is invite-only, but if you head on over the PUMA Social Facebook page you can be in with a chance of winning one of 30 exclusive invites! Good luck!

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