Mr Dubai 2011 = FAIL

I honestly had to stop everything that I was doing to write about the Mr.Dubai contest that just took place. Please understand before I go into this that I have nothing against the winner, but the entire competition as a whole.

Strike One – The contest took place at the Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel in Dubai. Ever heard of it? Neither had I until I googled it just now. Somewhere in Bur Dubai where they undoubtedly have a mujra or something like that!

Strike Two – You’re looking for the hottest man in Dubai. Can any of you spot him in this photo of the contestants!?

Strike Three – The winner, Abhijeet Rahane, apparently walked all over the competition to be crowned Mr Dubai 2011. What competition?!?! I can name 10 better looking guys in Dubai without even giving it a single moments thought! Oh and he’s an aspiring Bollywood actor too who is a chartered accountant right now and he also wants world peace! FAIL!!!

“Winner” Abhijeet

Abhijeet with other “finalists”

Strike Four – The judges. Does anyone recognise anyone with any credentials here to determine the winner of Mr Dubai 2011?! Actually, does anyone recognise anyone on this panel at all?!

Strike Four – The dance off! If is not happening on-screen with a soundtrack just like the one from “You Got Served” you do not have a dance off!!!

Dear lord, I really don’t want to come across as a complete b*tch, but come on!! There is absolutely no credibility in this contest! I single-handedly organised the Mr & Miss Facebook London contests back in 2007 and that was more legitimate competition with worthy winners (Nimati Shuhaibar and Hassan Al Mosawi for anyone who is wondering who won that one!)

If you want the full ‘story’, check out Gulf News. I’m off to hunt down the person responsible for this farce!


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