Confessions of a Shoe Addict: Darmaki A/W 2011


You may remember how I introduced you to DARMAKI back in December last year. Well how time flies especially in the world of fabulous footwear!

Darmaki is a luxurious footwear couture brand created by Sultan Al Darmaki and a team of Italy’s finest craftsmen. It combines artistic and cultural influences with the excellence of superior Italian manufacturing. And from the pictures above, you are guaranteed that once your put a pair of Darmaki’s on, your feet will do all the talking!

Acclaimed fashion experts have described Darmaki’s first collection as a “Walking Work of Art” and an “Art Installation” with styles fusing cutting edge trends and techniques with a truly feminine twist. Distinguishing Darmaki from other designer footwear brands, each shoe has intricate details and incorporates high-quality mixed materials which give the shoe its own unique inspirational character, as well as a challenging and innovative construction and extraordinary use of motifs. They don’t call this a couture shoe brand for nothing!!

To get your hands on a pair of these to-die-for heels head to Bullets & Butterflies in Mercato Mall, Dubai or Impression Boutique in The Pearl, Qatar. Alternatively head online to The Luxury Emporium.


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