Rising Star: Mohammed Al Turki

It’s a special kind of person who can call the Hilton siblings, Paris, Nikki and Barron, amongst his close friends. It’s an even more special kind of person who is this year hosting his birthday in the Hampton’s with celebrities such as Robert DeNiro there to help him blow out the candles. He’s also the muse to Christian Louboutin!! Ladies and gentleman, here’s a name you will be hearing a lot of: Mohammed Al Turki.

Born in Saudi Arabia and of Middle Eastern descent, Mohammed Al Turki has recently caused a frenzy of interest as an entrepreneur, personality, producer and actor in the town he now calls home – Hollywood. As the ‘new boy in town’, Mohammed has successfully broken cultural barriers bridging “East and West” – no small feat in this day and age!
Mohammed’s story begins with his passion for films. His sheer determination and drive make him a force to be reckoned with as he solidifies his rightful place amongst Hollywood’s elite in the film industry as a talented a producer and actor. His first film, “The Imperialists Are Still Alive” was chosen as ”Official Selection” in Sundance 2010. Winning accolades for “Best Film” at the Warsaw Film Festival and The Asian American Film Festival, people stood up and starting to take notice of a new star in town.His second film endeavour, ”The Harrowing”, in which Mohammed stars is due for release in the fall of 2011. A must see!

His latest projects include “Arbitrage”, which is expected to bring together an all-star cast, and, most recently announced during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, a Ramin Bahrani production starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron.

As well as fulfilling his dreams in film, Mohammed Al Turki continues what is a family legacy in international philanthropy. He remains dedicated in his support of various charities including the Elton John Aids Foundation, amfAR AIDS Research and many more.
So has rubbing shoulders with Hollywood heavy weights changed him? Insiders say Mohammed is one of the most humble and wonderful people they have met. Don’t you just love that?
On the press circuit in Dubai right now, Mohammed will be co-hosting an intimate dinner with UAE’s sweetheart, Tamara Al Gabbani, and PR Powerhouse, Rozan Ahmed, this Thursday at Okku. We will unfortunately be missing the event, but wish Mohammed all the best for his future projects. We don’t doubt that this star will be shining bright for many years to come.

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