Arm Candy: Balenciaga

Those of you who know me well, know two things about me; I am obsessed with shoes and I am obsessed with handbags. The latter obsession actually used to be a lot bigger. I got hit with a handbag jinx a few years ago and literally every single bag I had started breaking in the most bizarre way possible and left me heartbroken. Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence:

1. My Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ refused to close. The fastening on it just gave way.

2. My Fendi ‘Spy’ bag – well the spy pocket fell off (my sister used the bag and somehow lost it. I haven’t forgiven her up until this day!)

3. My Christian Dior ‘Russian Flower’ saddle bag lost its hardware.

4. The handle on my Versace ‘Snap’ bag broke.

5. The handle on my limited edition Stephen Sprouse ‘Alma’ from Louis Vuitton has started coming away from the frame of the bag and I’m too scared to use it now.

6. Another Christian Dior saddle bag, this time the ‘Filth’ bag also lost the backing of the hardware holding the strap together!

7. I somehow also managed to destroy the braiding on the chain of a vintage Chanel bag that my mum gave me. This hurts until today.

Jinxed right!? Considering handbags, especially designer ones don’t come cheap, I scaled back on that obsession a few years ago. I was then given my first Balenciaga bag for my birthday. Best present that year! The ‘Part Time’ bag from Balenciaga in black became my staple bag. Versatile, durable and super stylish, my love affair for Balenciaga bags had commenced.

Last year I purchased another Balenciaga bag, this time a ‘City’ bag in a colour called ‘Old Rose’.

I cannot tell you how much I have used this bag! From shopping to dinners, from clubbing to holidays – this bag has been there every single step of the way. And what I absolutely love about Balenciaga bags is not only can I fit my entire life inside them, but the more I use them, the softer the lambskin leather gets.

For anyone looking to invest in a bag, I will definitely recommend a Balenciaga hands down. Touch wood, I haven’t had any problems with these bags and now I’m considering investing in another one. I’m quite taken with the giant ‘Velo’ bag – a squarer version of the ‘City’ and ‘Part Time’ bags.

‘Velo’ in Grenadine

‘Velo’ in Mimosa

‘Velo’ in Ardoise

How gorgeous are those colours? But as someone who takes forever making up her mind especially when there are so many options available, I can’t decide whether I want a ‘Velo’ or another ‘City’ or ‘Part Time’ bag!

‘Part Time’ in Sea Green

‘City’ in Praline

‘Part Time’ in Dark Night

‘City’ in Charbon

A tough decision to make. Anyone want to help me out?!


2 thoughts on “Arm Candy: Balenciaga

  1. Wow, your viex rose is pretty! I’m planning to get a Grenadine City in rose gold hard ware. If you have a PT already, maybe it would be nice to get a Velo or City for a change. I love the Pink hue of grenadine and I’m not a pink person at all.

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