Penelope Cruz covers Vogue US

Did I ever tell you about the time I wanted to become a pirate? It has something to do with my “Pirates of the Caribbean” obsession. I changed the language on my Facebook to “Pirate English” and went around for several days calling people “scallywags” and “wenches”. Hysterical as it was, after one too many times telling my best friend to “walk the plank” the novelty started to wear thin and I went back to the Queen’s English.

Well I may be tempted start speaking like a pirate again with the fourth instalment in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise this week. “On Stranger Tides” has finally been released and I’m more excited than a kid in a toy shop! To coincide with the release, the new star of the film, Penelope Cruz covers June’s issue of US Vogue.

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz stars in a wardrobe of all Dolce & Gabbana for a summer-themed shoot that leans on the natural side. Shot by Mario Testino, Penelope wows in the ivory lace works.

Read the full interview with Penelope here. I’m planning a trip to the cinema right now!


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