Fashion Find: Zeeshan Ali Adnan

I come across a lot of new designers every single day. Some don’t even make me bat an eyelid, but once in a while I come across a little gem that I want to share with you guys. Zeeshan Ali Adnan is a premier luxury designer fashion house that provides royal elegance in couture, pret-a-porter and fabric creations with bespoke details to the next generation of fashion connoisseurs through the fusion of traditional classics with a modernistic chic.

The collection creates a sense of elegance & mystery mixed subtly with dark ambiance with a touch of glint that ultimately redefines luxury. Educated at the Institute of Fashion Design in Pakistan (my home country), Zeeshan sees fashion as a source of freedom and interaction that can liven up any moment and leads to, in essence, an art of living. His signature style mixes class with contemporary artistic chic blended with a touch of an unconventional approach. This is not just a label; it is a way of life.

I am in LOVE!!

For more information on Zeeshan Ali Adnan, visit his website and Facebook page!


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