Gender Wars

This week, myself and my fellow contributor, Thuraya, have been looking at all the ways men annoy us. This post is in response to Rami Zahran’s “To Woo-Men” article on his blog. Trust me, this list could be endless, but we’ve chosen to highlight a few ‘key’ grievances that us women have all picked up on.

1. Men bragging about women they have slept with – we really don’t need to know. We actually lose respect for you and no, this does not make you cool.

2. Men LYING and saying they have slept with a woman, when that woman wouldn’t even look at you in that way – EVER! Get over yourself and your ‘little man’ issues!

3. Ego. If your birth certificate doesn’t say Kanye West, we won’t even entertain the idea.

4. Pick up lines – Its 2011. Enough said.

5. That whole waistcoat over shirt/T-shirt look is over. So is the Raybans, Ralph Lauren polo and cap look. It was never a trend. Stop trying to make it one now! And whilst we’re at it, STOP WITH THE ED HARDY!!!

6. Bragging about the gym. We get the point that you work out, but why is your tummy (karsh) saying “Hello?”

7. Shaving body hair. No! Just no! Trim if you must, but leave the shaved legs for the athletes who require it for sport – Not you walking down JBR beach thinking your someone out of Baywatch.

8. Drowning yourself in enough aftershave to kill a household pet! Spray, not shower yourself in it!!  Oh and sweat and Axe Chocolate body spray are not a good mix! Puke.

9. Talking “ghetto”. You are not Lil Wayne or Snoop or black for that matter, so speak little a normal person!!! It does not make you ‘fly!’

10. Don’t pretend you know what we go through with our monthly cycle. God gave us the ability to have children, because He knew you could not handle it! PMS and any other side-effects are your burden to bear. A small feat in the greater context of the situation.

As I said, just a few issues we wanted to highlight. Ladies, send us all your grievances and gents, listen up! Oscar Wilde said it best: “Women are made to be loved, not understood.”


4 thoughts on “Gender Wars

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