Tea with Bambah

One of my favourite concept stores in Dubai, Bambah Boutique, hosted its “Girls in Pearls” tea party yesterday afternoon and it was the place to enjoy homemade cupcakes, candyfloss and some yummy pink lemonade whilst browsing some of Bambah’s gorgeous vintage pieces. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the event, but absolutely love these pictures, courtesy of Masala magazine, of fellow bloggers, PR princesses and designers at the event!

Dina Zahran, designer of DINZ

Zeina Abdulla of Fishfayce

Blogger Saanieh Mirza

Amanda Gedeon of BOW

Bambah Boutique owner, Maha Abdul Rasheed

PR girl, Stephanie Khouy

The gorgeous Anoud Badr of FashionGossip10

The other half of FashionGossip10, Dina Daoud

PR Princess and my bestie, Nimati Shuhaibar

Stay up to date with all things Bambah by visiting their website and following them on Twitter and on Facebook.


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