Alexander McQueen Box Clutches

There are some bags that I think every girl should have one of; a classic Chanel 2.55, a Hermes “Birkin”, a Christian Dior “Lady Dior”, a YSL ‘Muse”, a Louis Vuitton “Speedy”, a Balenciaga “City Motorcycle”, a Mulberry “Bayswater” and a Fendi “Spy” bag. Still on my way to collecting the whole set, I have decided to add another ‘must-have’ to my list – the Alexander McQueen box clutch.

The skull box clutch from the late Alexander McQueen is one of those very recent accessory arrivals that somehow seem to have been around a lot longer than it actually has. Whether in the form of the knuckle-duster clutch, the single skull minaudiere or the newer devil-horn clutch, this bag is an accessory that grabs attention and screams of rebellious style.

Since the introduction of these clutches it has gone stellar overnight. Celebrities queued up to carry it on to the red carpet and it hit fever pitch in 2008. It wasn’t long before a variety of new editions began popping up, with all manner of bejewelled, colourful and spooky bags were created each season.

Here are my pick of some you can pick up this season.

Britannia Punk Skull Studded Clutch

Byzantine Skull Crocodile Clutch

Classic Diamante-Embellished Skull Clutch

Classic Leather and Suede Skull Clutch

East West Knuckle-Duster Clutch

Knuckle-Duster Lace Clutch

Oriental Samurai Silk-Satin Skull Clutch

Python Leather Skull Clutch

Britannia Studded Skull Clutch

All these bags are available at Net-A-Porter and Matches Fashion.

Dress it up or dress it down, this bag is a true icon from a true icon of fashion. I’m saving up for one now!


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