Fashion Profile: Dima Ayad

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. For Dima Ayad, beauty has always come from within.

With London Fashion Week drawing to a close last night, many fashionistas are breathing a sigh of relief as the city returns to its normal pace of life after the chaos of the past 5 days. Having been to more show than I can recall at this moment, there is one show I am gutted at having missed out on. Marking her first foray into the international fashion scene, Dubai-based fashion designer Dima Ayad unveiled her A/W 2011 collection during the greatly anticipated London Fashion Week, as part of LGN Events “A La Mode” show, which encourages independent emerging designers from around the globe.

Lebanese-born Dima Ayad, whose signature style is celebrated for championing female curves, presented her third collection on Saturday 19th February 2011 at the elegant Charing Cross Hotel, London, in front of an eager and excited crowd. The packed audience included international press and buyers, enthusiastic fashion bloggers, as well as friends and family who flew from Dubai and Beirut to support the designer.

Coming from a background in marketing and hospitality, Dima set the stage for a plethora of influences for her distinctive evening wear. The glamour of Dubai’s social scene, coupled with her experience in the hotel industry has provided her with unprecedented insight into just what it means to look good and feel good. With her signature draping and use of exquisite fabrics, Dima Ayad’s combination of evening dresses, glamorous tops and jackets ensures that every type of personality and body type is flattered.

In love with this jacket and the tights! They remind me of a look sported by Dubai fashionista, Farah Hraish recently!

Drawing on inspirations from her life, her trademark style is a celebration of classic forms and contemporary sensibilities. Like its namesake, Dima Ayad is a fusion of simple, clean lines and quirky, elegant touches, making women feel beautiful and uninhibited at all times.

With her intuitive approach to drape women’s shapes, regardless of sizes, and innate flair for colour and fabric combinations, Dima Ayad dresses the bold and the bountiful. Each piece from her collection promises to make one feel and look effortlessly beautiful and self-confident. A word of caution though: needs to wear with a lot of attitude!

Dima Ayad is available at S*uce in the United Arab Emirates, Cream in Beirut, Lebanon and Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Label Queen in Beirut, Lebanon and on

For more information on the brand, please visit the website and check out the Facebook page.


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