Harrods Shoe Salon

If you can’t get hold of me at the end of this week, I’ll tell you where to find me: Harrods Shoe Salon. You probably all know my obsession with shoes and the launch of the new Shoe Salon on Harrods First Floor that coincides with London Fashion Week makes me literally want to dig out my sleeping bag and find myself a comfy spot and take root!

So whilst I hot-foot it to Harrods let me let you in for what they have planned for this amazing launch!

Day One: Friday 18th February – Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti

Meet the man himself! Giuseppe Zanotti will be in store unveiling the new shoe from his collection which has been designed especially for this event!

Day Two: Saturday 19th February – Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia designer – Charlotte Dellal

Hosting a brunch in Harrods, Charlotte will be launching her new shoes, exclusive to Harrods for this event!

Day Three: Sunday 20th February – Gina

Gina Shoe designer – Aydin Kurdash

Enjoy afternoon tea with Gina and let your creative side shine whilst your customise a pair of your own Gina shoes!

Day Four: Monday 21st February – Casadei

Casadei Designer – Cesare Casadei

Meet the amazing Mr. Casadei and then have the opportunity to design your own bespoke shoes using the designer’s infamous crystals!

Day Five: Tuesday 22nd February – Brian Atwood

Designer Brian Atwood

A celebrity favourite, Brian Atwood will be in store introducing his new collection of maniac pumps!!

I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am about these events. Follow me on Twitter for more London Fashion Week news and see you in Harrods! 😉


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