J’Aton Couture

I love being recommended new designers from friends, but my discovery of J’Aton Couture came from a dear friend’s wife, who is a fan of Candy & Couture, so I want to thank Yalda for this post! After doing my homework and several hours fawning over dress after dress, I can honestly tell you I am in love!

So who is behind J’Aton Couture? The company was established by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino in Melbourne, Australia, with a showroom and atelier, creating bespoke evening and bridalwear. Both designers are from sartorial Italian backgrounds and use traditional methods in their unique gowns.

Over the years, the fashion house has succeeded in cultivating a wide and discerning national and international clientele, based solidly on the quality of items produced and the designer’s reputations. I am in awe of the detail and design of their couture dresses!

ith a reputation for skilled handwork and attention to detail, J’Aton is a favourite amongst Australia’s society and celebrity elite. Dannii Minogue has favoured several J’Aton designs for the live shows of X-Factor and I can definitely see why.

Not content with just the couture dresses, I am also absolutely dying over the bespoke bridal dresses. I think my Elie Saab wedding dress fantasy may have some serious competition!

I have to admit that last dress makes my heart ache! It is the same dress that Rebecca Twigley wore on her wedding day last year and every time I see it, I just fall more in love.

Ok my heart’s starting to ache again, so I’m off to settle it down! Thank you again Yalda for the heads up! Candy & Couture love you!

All images courtesy of J’Aton Couture and Red Carpet Fashion Awards


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