My latest obsession: Cake Pops!

You may all kill me for introducing you to these at a later date, but I feel its my duty to the world of lovers of delicious yumminess to let you in on my latest obsession. I have a sweet tooth. Actually, I probably have a full set of sweet teeth, but it takes something truly divine to make me stop in my tracks and go “WOW!” And something just did – Cake Pops!

What is a cake pop? Quite simply, a cake pop is a bite-sized morsel of cake coated in chocolate and stuck on a lollipop stick. Simples! They are also a little taste of heaven!

I’ve been seeing cake pops around a lot recently, and out of the many I have tried I have found my favourite from Molly Bakes. Sold at Selfridges and through special orders, I honestly can tell you that I’ll have to hit the gym pretty hard if my craving for these doesn’t subside soon. They are absolute delicious!

What I love about Molly Bakes are the amazing designs that they create. I’ve chosen some of my favourites to share with you.

Love Heart Cake Pops

Katy Perry ‘California Girls’ Inspired Cake Pops

Juicy Couture Cake Pops

Eliza Doolittle Cake Pops

Lady Gaga Cake Pop – I love!!!

Wedding Cake Pops

My ultimate favourite – Fashion Icons Cake Pops! Who wants to eat Anna Wintour?

Molly Bakes have some serious celebrity fans including Katie Price, Elle MacPherson, Eliza Doolittle and Jodie Harsh. I know what I want to have for my birthday now!

For more information about Molly Bakes, visit the Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

Happy Eating!



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