I ♥ Carousel

I love a good wedding. I get caught up in the romance of it all. And having organised some pretty HUGE weddings myself, I love to find people who share the same passion that I have in making someone’s special day a dream come true. That’s why I adore the Carousel girls!

Zainab Alsalih

Leena Alsulaiman

Founded by the uber-talented, totally amazing Zainab Alsalih & Leena Alsulaiman, Carousel is where passion meets planning (in the ladies words, not mine!) Having started in the corporate events industry over 4 years ago, Zainab and Leena have organised events for the likes of Nakheel and the Donald himself – yes these ladies were behind the launch of the Trump Towers project on Palm Jumeirah hosted at Raffles Dubai! 2 years ago with demand and passion driving them, they moved over to weddings and haven’t looked back. And from their work, I honestly don’t blame them!

Located in Dubai, Carousel offers an array of services to make their clients big day a roaring success. From conception to execution, the girls are on hand day and night making sure everything runs smoothly. Not only that, they help take care of every little detail from flowers to favours, from cakes to invitations, even down to helping find the perfect venue for the big day!

Two weddings that the girls have helped make a reality are Arabian Dream and Vintage Glamour and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you, because if your like me, you will just be blown away!

Arabian Dream

I love how the bride was daring enough to try something more colourful for her wedding day and her adventurous spirit made for one of the most beautiful wedding set ups I have seen for a while.


Vintage Glamour

Truly breath-taking and I’ve officially decided that I am going to have a ‘dessert bar’ when I do get married!

For more information about Carousel, check out their awesome website. I honestly spend hours on there getting lost in wedding themes and playing princess bride in my head.

Also make sure you follow the girls on twitter (@Carousel_Girls) and keep up-to-date with all the weddings they are planning. It sure brightens up my day!



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