NiNi Collection

Like many girls, I have an obsession with handbags. From classic Chanel, to the versatile Balenciaga with a dash of Dior thrown in for good measure, I just cannot get enough. Walking around Dubai Mall earlier this year, a friend of mine told me about NiNi Collection. Yes! A guy told me about handbags! Then a few days ago, my friend Grana posted a picture on twitter of her bag and my obsession was fueled again!

The brain child of Ramona Fazeli, an Iranian-Saudi fashion buyer with over ten years experience in the luxury fashion business working with the likes of Gucci, Prada many other prime luxury fashion brands in Europe and in the Middle East, Ramona decided to develop her first handbag line called NiNi.

NiNi stands for all fashionable girls who are proud of their heritage. Its mission is to support all Middle-Eastern artists, designers, photographers, painters, directors and writers.

Available in vibrant, funky colours, Nini products are to die for! All the bags are handmade and feature Arabic calligraphy using inspirational proverbs which are written on the bags. All the proverbs are based on Ramona’s personal experiences and helped her to see always the sunny side of life. I can’t wait to get a little ray of sunshine, courtesy of these bags, into my life soon! 🙂

NiNi Collection bags are available at S*uce stores in Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi as well as online on Goji Boutique. For more information, visit the Facebook Page or NiNi’s website


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