Best. Birthday. Ever!


I don’t make statements that I can’t back up, but this year I had the best birthday ever! I don’t think it is possible to laugh or feel so much love ever, but my family and friends made this year so unbelievably memorable that it will be so hard to top this year’s madness! One pool party, a game of racket ball that ended up in many an odd flying ball, some very questionable jello shots, a ridiculous amount of junk food, so many birthday cakes and the most importantly, being surrounded by everyone I love! Continue reading

My week with the Lincoln MKZ


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, over the past week you may have seen me hashtag #LincolnMKZ quite a bit. That’s because the lovely people at Lincoln gave me a car to test drive and it was literally love at first drive!

Continue reading

Fashion Forward Season 2


Fashion Forward Season 2 took place over Eid weekend in October in Dubai and I don’t think I’ve had a busier 4 day schedule this year! Not only was I attending the shows as “media” but I had my lovely jewellery client, Azza Bijou, exhibiting in The Garden and another client, artist Hala Salem-Achillas in Dubai attending the shows and parties with me too. Queue all time-management skills from many years of event planning and I just about pulled it off! Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Malin Andrén


Yes so I went off the blogging grid again! I know I promised to try and stay focused, but I lost my mojo somewhere after my last few posts and honestly haven’t had time to dedicate to C&C. But I’ve decided to kick myself in the arse (metaphorically speaking coz I don’t think it is physically possible to do so!) and get back to what I love, especially as I’ve got to interview some fabulous people over the past few months starting off with the lovely Malin Andrén, designer behind By Malina. Continue reading

Seher & the City: Tribes Review


I’ve been eating out a lot recently. Actually I eat out most days or order in. The kitchen in my apartment is used for the random occasions I like to make myself beans on toast (no judging – I love it!), so it’s safe to say I’ve probably tried and tested a fair few restaurants in Dubai. One restaurant that I do like to indulge in now and again is Tribes. Continue reading

Absolute House @ Mo*Vida!


It’s no secret that I like to go out and have a blast with my friends every weekend. Hell, I’ve even been titled “Party Queen” by most of my friends and even by many people who don’t even know me, but my motto in life, apart from YOLO, is “Work Hard, Play Hard!” Continue reading

Topshop opens in Mall of the Emirates!

Hurrah! Finally TopShop is open in Mall of the Emirates!! The long-awaited store opening took place last week with VIP guests and media being the first people to see the inside of the store, check out the amazing personal shopping suite (a totally free service by the way) and shop the latest collection! Oh and we got treated to a delightful Anglophile-inspired breakfast – yum!!! Continue reading

Maya loves Aqua Collection Launch

There are some event invites that you never turn down, so when the lovely Nadia, PR at Make Up For Ever called me up last week to invite me to the exclusive launch of the “Maya loves Aqua” collection, there was no way I could say no. Continue reading